LeAnn Rimes Bikinis in Cabo With Husband Eddie Cibrian (PHOTOS)

LeAnn Rimes loves a bikini vacay! The country crooner and her husband Eddie Cibrian were spotted in Cabo, Mexico throwing back a few cocktails on their resort balcony. 

LeAnn sported a SUPER skimpy lavender sparkled bikini while her beau was wearing a black T-shirt and board shorts. The singer/actress is getting a lot of attention for her slim physique, some negative and some positive reviews. However, on Monday she tweeted: 

‚ÄúSome guy at the restaurant just told me I owed him money because his wife had to have the gold @BeachBunnySwim bikini I had last year. Funny."

Eddie's ex and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reality star Brandi Glanville also isn't afraid to flaunt her assets. Check out her bikini body in the gallery below! 



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  • Dont be desperate
    Dont be desperate

    It's just so desperate. In every picture she's pulling a "look at me, I'm sexy, right?" pose and making sure the camera sees it. Bet he's missing the wife that loved him more than the narcissist who is trying so hard to replicate her.

  • Hawk

    Do these two work?

  • candy

    Eweeeeeeee. They are gross.What she gonna tweet about when he leaves her for another woman?

  • family

    She is just Butt Ugly no matter how many inches she injects silicone into her boobs...

  • Ange

    Oh. My. God. Seriously?!!!! Who on earth do they think they're fooling with these ridiculous, embarrassing, so obviously fake, 'oh no, they're taking our picture....let me push my equally-fake chest out a little further' photo-ops?!

  • simplydiffer

    **sigh** Just when I thought they had stopped these staged photo ops. WHY, LEANN, WHY? Release some more new music and I'll forgive you.