Mariah Yeater ‘I Still Definitely Want a DNA Test’ from Justin Bieber

Meet Mariah Yeater
She claims be Justin Bieber's baby mama!
Justin Bieber’s alleged baby mama Mariah Yeater filed very serious allegations against the pop star last month claiming he fathered her now 5 month old baby boy Tristyn. The teen sensation denied these allegations and agreed to a paternity test in which he claimed he took in late November.

Mariah dropped the lawsuit but in an exclusive interview with the Chicago Sun-Times  she claims Justin is still in fact the father and she wants proof that Justin took the DNA test.

I am still pursuing the paternity claim through my Chicago attorney Jeffery Leving and my Los Angeles attorney John Carlson but outside of court. I dropped my lawsuit, but never my claim. I still definitely want a DNA test and I want to refile my paternity case.

When Mariah was asked if she still in fact believes Justin is the father. “I do believe he is the father,” she said.

Jeffery Leving, Mariah attorney states,

If negotiations with Bieber’s counsel does not result in DNA testing of everyone under mutually agreeable and controlled conditions, then the legal proceedings will likely need to be refiled.