Miranda Cosgrove Offically Set to Start College at USC in the Fall – Exclusive

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Miranda Cosgrove is officially a University of Southern California Trojan!

Earlier this year, the iCarly star was accepted to both NYU and USC but deferred her acceptance for a year. However, she revealed to Celebuzz that she will indeed be attending USC in the fall.

When asked about her college plans, Miranda said:

“I deferred for a year, but I’m going to USC in the fall. I have a friend that actually went to USC and got to keep acting at the same time, and she goes back when she’s not filming, so that would be my ultimate dream. That’s what I really want to do.”

When one thinks about college (especially at USC), you can’t help but think of Greek life! We asked Miranda if she would considering joining a sorority to which she replied:

“I don’t know! I can’t see myself in a sorority. I don’t know if I’m going to get there and go crazy and want to be in one [laughs]. It seems fun though. You make a lot of friends and meet new people.”

Congrats to Miranda! We’re sure she’ll master the balance of acting and college in no time!

One of iCarly’s latest specials, iStill Pyscho, airs on New Year’s Eve on Nickelodeon, and Miranda told us a little bit about what we can expect:

“We did this other episode called iPsycho where a crazy girl captures us [co-stars Jeanette McCurdy and Nathan Kress] and we end up stuck in her house. It’s a lot like that one except she tricks us in the beginning to think that she’s gotten help and she’s normal now. But now her family is in on it, and things get crazy.”

When it comes to New Year’s plans for herself, she said she usually makes plans last minute:

“I never make plans for New Year’s Eve! I always do something random that comes up that day. My friends will go to a party or like one year I watched the ball drop in New York, and that was probably the coolest thing I’ve done. But I usually just wait it out.”

Make sure you plan to watch iStill Psycho when it airs on Nickelodeon on December 31!