Seth MacFarlane Calls Justin Bieber’s Stewie Necklace ‘Bootleg Merchandise’ (VIDEO)

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Justin Bieber rocks his signature hoodie.
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Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane isn’t flattered by Justin Biebers Stewie bling. The funnyman said of the necklace (jokingly of course): 

“It’s bootleg merchandise and he should be prosecuted for it!”

Seth even did Stewie’s reaction to the necklace, which was a little more popular. “My God, I’m there. … My only fear is that I’ll catch Bieber fever.” 

It was reported back in May that the Biebs’ necklace cost him around $25,000. According to TMZ, the necklace was 12 carats of rubies and diamonds. Beverly Hills jeweler Jason Arasheben told the website that he and the 17-year-old heartthrob designed the Stewie necklace together and that Justin “had a specific vision for how he wanted it to look.”