Wet Nose Alert! Real-Life ‘101 Dalmatians’ Story in England (PHOTOS)

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101 Dalmatians Christmas is an actual movie, and for one family in England, their daily life just got a heaping dose of Hollywood in the form of 15 dalmation puppies.

Dalmatian owner Kay Sullivan has quite a litter on her hand, as her two-and-a-half year old pup Pebbles recently gave birth to 15 puppies! Amazingly, all of the puppies survived and while Pebbles was ill (and exhausted!) afterwards, the puppies are all happy and wagging their tails into the holiday season.

‘When they were first born, all we we doing was feeding them. By the time we had fed the last one, it was time to go back to the first one,” Sullivan said.

She added that Pebbles is “great with them. She goes in to just feed them and other than that she keeps away from them. She’s a bit scored underneath now. She cleans them and leaves them.”

Happy holidays, all!