10 Things You Don’t Know About B-day Boy & ‘Twilight’ Star Jackson Rathbone (PHOTOS)

'Twilight' Convention!
The trio answer fan questions in LA.
Although we already miss seeing Jackson Rathbone grace the big screen as Jasper Hale in The Twilight Saga film franchise, we’re super excited to see what’s next for the now 27-year-old actor! In honor of Jackson’s 27th birthday, we’ve dug up ten fun facts about the guitarist-turned-vampire! Click through the gallery to check out some fun tidbits you may have not known about Jackson!

As if we aren’t going to miss the Twilight cast enough, the cast is going to miss each other a lot too! Jackson recently dished to The Hollywood Reporter how the gang has really become a family over the years. He explained: 

“Catching up with everybody, seeing them again and seeing how everyone was doing so well and keeping their feet very firmly planted on the ground — that was just so exciting to see that nothing changed…I’m excited about our final family reunion and so honored and so blessed to work with the amazing cast I’ve worked with. I love them all and support everything they do.”

Now that filming for Twilight has officially wrapped, what is Jackson up to these days? Aside from his serious acting chops, Jackson is actually part of a band too! Earlier this month, Jackson and his bandmates headed across the pond to rock out in Paris!