Leilani Dowding Brings Sexy Santa Back During Bikini Romp (PHOTOS)

Santa Stodden
Courtney goes all-out for Christmas pics.
When we say Leilani Dowding, you might ask “Who?” Well, she’s not all that well-known, but she’s a British model and and most Americans might know her from her stint on VH1’s Tough Love Miami — or after today, they’ll know her as the sexy santa hat bikini girl.

Dowding, who has done her fair share of bikini photo shoots lately and even often decides to ditch the upper half of said swimsuits, got into the holiday spirit on Tuesday in Miami Beach. With a red two-piece bikini and santa hat properly in place (at least for most of the shoot), Leilani smiled and splashed in the water while a photographer snapped away at the santa-inspired sexiness.

At one point, she even did a little canoodling with a fella who couldn’t seem to keep his hands to himself.

So, happy holidays to all! Not much else we can say about this one.