Lindsay Lohan Jets Off With 'Untitled' Script (PHOTOS)

Jetting off from JFK airport in New York, Lindsay Lohan and her sister Ali sure had a lot of baggage. The sisters were spotted arriving together, trying to cover up with sunglasses as an airport employe helped carry their luggage.

But it seems everyone's eyes are drawn to the "Untitled" screenplay that LiLo has in her hands. How convenient that she has that script to cover her face from the paparazzi. Could she really be working on a new movie? Guess we'll have to wait and see if the Mean Girls actress will be headed back to the big screen.

Just last week, Lindsay attended her probation progress hearing and is on track and doing well just one month after a judge warned her that any violation of her probation or community service terms would result in some serious jail time. Judge Stephanie Sautner, who has been pretty harsh when it comes to throwing accusations at Lohan, opened the hearing with a compliment for the first time ever.

“Miss Lohan, you have actually done your work,” she said.

Of course, she barely made it back in time for the hearing because she missed her flight back to the mainland after a jaunt in Hawaii. Just days earlier, she was photographed splishing and splashing in the Pacific sporting a skimpy bikini.



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  • Ariela Cevalles
    Ariela Cevalles

    I meant her not he! Oopsies.

  • Ariela Cevalles
    Ariela Cevalles

    She should hide he face, it's ugly.

  • Ariela Cevalles
    Ariela Cevalles

    Fuck that slut miley!!!

  • MileyFann

    i hate lindsay !!

  • kyliesimmons87

    it seems she is only good at being trashy now...i mean doing that what it takes for people to like you again? bring back the old lindsay!

  • NitWitty

    "Untitled" might as well be titled: "I'm Holding This Mess so People Might Believe I Can Act in Something Other Than a Court Room."

  • Katie

    If the Crackie ever gets work again, I will be very surprised. And I don't mean just modeling. We all know that she is an international call girl. She has not done anything big in the film industry lately, and with the way she looks, I don't know why anyone would want her.

  • Julie

    She couldn't even make it to the Ellen show for a 10 minute interview, so I highly doubt she can be trusted to show up for the daily grind on a movie set.