Sammi Sweetheart Stuns in Makeup-Free Beach Shoot (PHOTOS)

Sammi Talks Romance
Why does she keep going back to Ron?!?
Behind all the fist pumping, fake tans and heavy makeup, Jersey Shore star Sammi Sweetheart will be the first to admit that she “takes the longest” to primp. Well, decided to offer her a “make under” — and she happily agreed!

Under the supervision of hair and makeup artist Shannon Grey Williams, Sammi was transformed into a true beauty with a fresh-faced look. So what do you think of the before and after photos? Sound off in the comments and click through the rest of the gallery to see more celebs without makeup.

During the winter beach shoot, Sammi opened up to about the new season of Jersey Shore, revealing who is the biggest trouble maker and the status of her tumultuous relationship with her costar Ronnie.

With the cast heading back to Seaside Heights, Sammi reveals a lot of drama from Italy is still unfolding.

“Mike’s the troublemaker in the house and I think he loves it. He loves to stir up the drama, that’s just who he is. He’s a part of my family, he’ll always be a part of my family…but he’s like that brother that you just never really wanted,” she revealed.

The drama also continues with her on-off relationship with Ronnie. So what’s their romantic status as the new season, debuting Jan 5, 2012 on MTV, begins?

“Right now I’m single. Ronnie’s cool. We’re really good friends, I’ll always love him, but I’m working on myself and my career and doing what’s best for me… Well, in Italy the relationship was really, really good and we went right from Italy to Seaside, and in Seaside we had another amazing time in our relationship. So you’re not gonna see too much drama with the relationship because there barely was any,” Sammi said.

Hmm.. do you think those two will get back together this season? Tell us in the comments and check out the rest of her interview on