Watch Katy Perry Instantly Age in The Making of ‘The One That Got Away’ (VIDEO)

Katy on 'SNL'
Katy Perry pokes fun at Sesame St. drama.
Katy's Latex Looks
Katy sure loves to sport latex!
It’s Katy Perry like you’ve never seen her before! The songstress takes viewers behind the scenes of her epic video “The One That Got Away,” in which she transforms into Grandma Perry right before our very eyes! 

MTV posted a 20-minute video that shows all the preparation that went into making one of today’s hottest young music stars look like a distant future version of herself — although she’s still pretty bangin’ for an old lady.

Katy shows her patience during the makeup process, but it is her sense of humor that really shines through. Her banter with her elderly costar is a charming behind-the-scenes moment that shows how much fun making a video can be! 

She also got to show her funny side when she hosted SNL two weeks ago, which brought in the highest ratings since Nov. 5. 

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