Ashley Tisdale Lunches With Friends in Signature Short-Shorts (PHOTOS)

Ashley Tisdale's got legs, and she knows how to flaunt them -- especially lately.

The Tiz has been making her rounds across Los Angeles in recent days, and her go-to choice of bottom-wear has been short-shorts thanks to some unseasonably warm weather in southern California. Whether running errands or grabbing lunch with some friends (both male and female), Ashley has surely had no problem flaunting her fantastic pins.

Tisdale hasn't been shy of flaunting her toned physique in recent months. She's been spotted doing her short-shorts thing, but has also had her fair share of beach relaxation, spending time with pal Vanessa Hudgens on the beach and also with her High School Musical guy friend Zac Efron.



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  • ..

    I don't think Ashley would do that, she's not stupid.

  • Dan

    I have a hunch "Miss Nasal Talking Singer" Ashley gets her family to posts "nice" comments about her on gossip sites.

  • .

    I bet Ashley has the same pair of shorts for everyday of the week. Hope you come out with some new music, that would be epic since your one of the greatest singers in the world.