Celebrity Baby Pictures: Guess Who? (PHOTOS)

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Celeb Baby Pictures: Guess Who?

Look at that adorable little girl! Any idea who it is? This actress stars on an Emmy winning TV show and definitely still has those gorgeous lips!

Hint: she isn't blonde anymore...

It's Sofia Vergara!

She retweeted the photo Wednesday night, saying she was in Barranquilla. Think you're so smart? Click through the gallery above and see if you can match the baby picture to the right celebrity.



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  • gjhkkkkkkkkkkkjmvcnez

    i know her

  • courtneybaaaby

    so adorable! fuck all you haters ^

  • valedd

    wtf happened to his nose...

  • simplydiffer

    I'm glad she died her hair brown. Blonde would not work on her now.