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It's all about bling in Hollywood, that's why Celebuzz is thrilled beyond words to offer up this beautiful ring from Yours by Loren!

This stunning black and white rhodium over sterling set with white zircons and pink opals retails at $469, making it a steal for a lucky Celebuzz reader -- because we're giving one away for FREE! Adding a classy yet feminine touch to your ensemble just became easier with this dazzling piece. 

How to enter:

Follow Celebuzz on Twitter and ‘Like’ us on Facebook, and then leave a comment below telling us wear you would wear this sweet bling!

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This giveaway will close on Thursday, December 29th at 9 AM EST.

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  • KH Bride
    KH Bride

    I'd wear it everywhere! To school, work, all over!

  • Maria Yuen
    Maria Yuen

    Simply stunning!! Love the design, love pink, love Loren!!

  • CatalinaK

    I follow you on Facebook (catalina khalaj) and Twitter (@CKhalaj). As for the way in which I'd style this ring, it would definitely be with a silver sequin tank top, black velvet skirt, black angora bolero, and platform pumps with sequin decorations.

  • Trasina McGahey
    Trasina McGahey

    I would wear it everywhere daily!

  • Gabriela Frantz
    Gabriela Frantz

    Everything about this ring says "Wear me everywhere" and so I shall!

  • jeannefairbanksconner

    I would wear it everywhere!!

  • larry Sgammato
    larry Sgammato

    I would love to have this ring so that my girl friend could wear it everywhere we go.

  • kellybird

    I would wear this anywhere! Beautiful ring.

  • Joan Albert
    Joan Albert

    I'm going to try and get it for you so you can wear it everywhere

  • Kammi

    I would wear it to new year's family party and plus, I'll wear it at work, anywhere. I love pink. Pink is my favorite color.

  • Patty

    Would wear it fab to even think of taking it off!

  • principessa1982

    I would love to wear this ring to my college graduation. My favorite color is pink and this ring is gorgeous!

  • kristen


  • Tammy

    I would wear it anywhere and everywhere.

  • Anna

    To the cosi of my house in 5 weeks! :)

  • marie

    I'd wear it all the time!

  • Allyson Bossie
    Allyson Bossie

    I would wear this out to dinner with my husband

  • Kaitlyn Wentz
    Kaitlyn Wentz

    I would wear this whenever I dressed up!!

  • Marys2sweet85

    I would wear this beautiful ring out on a hot date with my handsome husband

  • Michael Perkins
    Michael Perkins

    I would give it to my wife to wear any time she wants.

  • Gee

    I would wear it everyday, it's so pretty!

  • Margo

    I would want to share it with everyone who I come in front of!!!

  • Rebekah

    I would wear this ring EVERYWHERE! LOVE IT! Thank you Loren!

  • Nikole Haumont
    Nikole Haumont

    I would wear it out on our last date night pre-baby and our first date night post-baby!

  • danmara alvarez
    danmara alvarez

    The answer is "where wouldn't I wear this ring?" I LOVE IT, I would wear it daytime with my suits, or nighttime with jeans, heels and cute top, or a dress, skirt, pants, bikini, etc...

  • Wendy

    I would wear this ring everyday while running my "mommy" errands.

  • Angel

    I would wear this on a date with my Highschool sweetheart, we are finally back together and so happy. I would wear it to upcoming holiday parties and events. This ring is so beautiful, I cant imagine what it wouldn't go with! Its truly gorgeous and I would wear as much as possible!

  • Tula DaCosta
    Tula DaCosta


  • Joan Albert
    Joan Albert

    I would so wear this ring as I travel to Beauty Schools educating on make up and style...along with all the music performances our college student majoring in music participates in.

  • Annie Adams
    Annie Adams

    i would wear it to dinner

  • Annalisa Linder
    Annalisa Linder

    I I would wear this everywhere!! Happy Holidays everyone!!

  • ilovekardashians44

    I would wear this sweet bling to any big event I would attend! This ring is so stunning and I would love to wear it out! P.S. I already follow you on Twitter and already like you on Facebook! Good luck everyone! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  • jesspynk

    I would wear this out for my husband's birthday in February.

  • Phyllis Silverstein
    Phyllis Silverstein

    I Follow Celebuzz on Twitter as @justcuzz and ‘Like’ on Facebook, I think I have some space left for a ring on my left hand!!!

  • Moises Campos
    Moises Campos

    To my family reunion.

  • Parmeeta

    I'd wear this to my baby shower in January!


    I would love to win this ring

  • Kelly Nicholson
    Kelly Nicholson

    Give me a Ring sometime!

  • Althea Wilkinson
    Althea Wilkinson

    I would rock it for 3 days to a week just out of share excitement. Then put that baby to rest for specials occasion like weddings, parties or edge appeal :). Very ooh la la!

  • Wendy W
    Wendy W

    I love the ring it is so pretty! I would wear it with everything.

  • Thresa Bartenfield
    Thresa Bartenfield

    I would wear it all the time. And I would send all my friends to Loren's World to get them one at Yours by Loren. Merry Christmas to all

  • Michele Molinaro
    Michele Molinaro

    What a holiday gift this is going to be for someone! I look forward to your continued success with YOURS by Loren.

  • Erica Best
    Erica Best

    i would were is a date.

  • Cindi Sheehan
    Cindi Sheehan

    Gorgeous ring! I'd wear it with black leggings, sexy heels and a flowing top. I'd wear it with jeans, dressed down, or a beautiful dress, for a sexy night out.... really, absolutely anywhere, anytime!

  • Shannon

    Are you kidding???? I would wear this EVERYDAY!! LOVE it and LOVE pink!!! This is Beautiful!

  • greekmamaof2

    I love this ring!! I would wear it everyday and show it off!!!!!!

  • EmilyStacks

    Stunning! I would give this to my mom for Christmas! Loren is so inspirational love her!

  • dolce77

    This ring is gorgeous! I would wear it anytime I went out!

  • localceleb

    I would love to wear this ring to my upcoming New Year's Eve party, what a fabulous conversation piece!

  • brandy

    I would wear this to work & make all the ladies in the office jealous!

  • chelyea

    I'm moving to the Las Vegas area soon, so I'm sure I'd wear it for a night out on the town!

  • Kristen

    What a beautiful ring! I would wear it to work everyday. This way when I am sitting at my desk, typing at my computer I would be able to see something sparkly and cute to lift my spirits!

  • desiree dos santos
    desiree dos santos


  • Caitlyn

    This is so pretty! I would wear it many times, but the first place I would wear it is to my friend's annual New Years' Eve party. Nothing like some sparkle to ring in the new year!

  • Lauren

    I have my best friends wedding soon and this would go perfect with the dress!

  • Lauren

    This ring is gorgeous!! I would wear it out to heaps of different occasions, birthdays, parties, Christmas, new years etc. I would love to win this!! :)

  • susan

    I would wear it to a wedding this january

  • Nadine

    This is beautiful!! I would wear it on New Years Eve & New Years. There's so many special occasions that I would wear this sweet bling to...I would wear it on my 2 year anniversary which is February 14th on Valentines Day and also to my aunt's wedding coming up in March. I know I would get tons of compliments on this ring because it's amazing! I also 'liked' celebuzz on facebook and followed celebuzz on twitter(@_NadineRoman) PICK ME PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!

  • monkeyr15

    I'd wear it to any fancy occasion, like prom or anywhere else I could because its so pretty!

  • Lana Lo.
    Lana Lo.

    I would wear it to rock in the New Year's, w. champagne, Valentine's Day, date nights, also, bc, pink is my fav. color, even, before, my Sis is breast cancer survivor, now, so, I'd wear it for her also. I love this ring, so, classic & vintage!

  • iamcasey723

    I would wear it to a fancy dinner on mars with Queen Elizabeth and then fly back to Earth and give it to Christina Grimmie as a christmas gift because she is my favorite singer<3

  • Stephanie

    I would wear this at a New Year's Eve Party! Great bling!

  • Zenia Bonales
    Zenia Bonales

    I would totally wear this on New Year's Eve and on January 5th for my 8th wedding anniversay =)

  • Amanda Owens
    Amanda Owens

    I would wear this jewel in March when I travel to Verona, Italy! This would look amazing with any outfit!

  • Dominique Spencer
    Dominique Spencer

    I would wear it to my wedding. It is beautiful!! ♥

  • Anna Carol
    Anna Carol

    I would actually give this ring to my mother because she loves pink and she would wear it on New Year's Eve

  • Cat in Heels
    Cat in Heels

    I'd wear that ring with just about everything. Great colors and shapes.

  • CFal

    would definitely wear this beauty while out for my 18th wedding anniversary...just so I could rub it in to my hubby that HE should bought it for,win,WIN)))....thanks!

  • ericat

    i would wear this out to dinner. I would also wear it on days that it would go good with what i am wearing.

  • memommon

    I would wear this everywhere!! We make natural stone jewelry and Rhodium is one of my favorites! We don't make rings and I could sure use one to match my necklaces!

  • emmy411

    I would wear this anywhere and everywhere it would never leave my finger<3!!!

  • danielleakame

    i would wear this in vegas for new years and well xmas and everywhere! this ring is stunning!!! beautiful! good luck and best wished to whomever wins this awesome gift! happy holidays!!!

  • tina41

    To New Year's Eve, and to my bday party.... :) ps merry xmas, and happy ny everyone!! xoxo

  • Kristin M
    Kristin M

    I would wear this on a date. I liked on FB and followed on twitter (@sanslumiere111)

  • emorgan223

    I would wear this to my birthday party

  • Catalina Gude
    Catalina Gude

    I would wear this on a date with my hubby =)

  • egood33

    I would love to wear this on Valentines Day!