Kristen Stewart Shops for Guitars at Robert Pattinson's Favorite Spot! (PHOTO)


Kristen Stewart arrived back in Los Angeles last week, and she and boyfriend Robert Pattinson have finally gotten some privacy they deserve, hanging out without the paparazzi. However, Stewart emerged Wednesday at Norman's Rare Guitar Shop in Tarzana, CA where she happily posed for a picture with the staff.

We're told Kristen, in skinny jeans, a hoodie, and still rocking her Snow White was "very sweet and friendly" while shopping yesterday and looked at "a few" guitars.

Notice another familiar face? She was with her dad! Wonder if he helped her pick out the perfect gift for Rob? Pattinson was spotted shopping at Norm's back in August.

Glad the couple is back together for the holidays!

Rob's Post-Date Walk
Pattinson has dinner in London with Kristen Read More »


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  • Invinceble Dave
    Invinceble Dave

    The guy is gay and the chick is a lesbian. End of story... go to bed or something because none of it matters. BTW - vampires and werewolves are gay as well.

  • kamiluccha

    O love her !

  • Not a busy body
    Not a busy body

    My aunty tell me about this people's posting funny think on the gossip news... Hahaha.. I just have to c it n cant help to put's so funny... You'll need to get a life!! Poor thing... Xx

  • simplydiffer

    Kristen's dad amuses me greatly. His face, his hair, his mustache. It's like he's an aged hippie. Hahahahaha

  • Jen

    Wasn't the golden couple spotted at a restaurant in Beverly Hills this week? They do tend to go all ninja on us when they are together.

  • Jen

    Holy Toledo, is Kristen beautiful or what. Amazing how stunning she looks with very little makeup. One of the few actresses that actually looks better the less makeup she has on. Papa Stew looks like a proud father.

  • Chloe

    I think a lot of the fans are getting out of control. It is perfectly normal to hang with your parents around Christmas and go shopping with them. There is no reason to freak out of it. Same with poor Rob Pattinson, out with a group of friends, and because the tabs know he has a group of hardcore fans they will make up wild stories to sell the magazines. Fact is, the people who state they know something for a fact about their relationship that Gossip Cop or People have stated don't...Do you really think you know better than Gossip Cop or People, who tend to talk to the sources from the actor's camps? Gossip Cop prides itself on clearing up fake gossip and sticking to facts. Rob Pattinson is likely in LA or London because he has a girlfriend, family, friends, a dog, and a home in both areas. I'm leaning towards LA, since I think the paps would be all of him since that ridiculous story with the girl a few weeks ago and would have caught him at LAX.

  • Megan

    Rrrrright...So I guess then since they have not been seen together they are not together? So does that mean couples who have long distance relationships are not together as well? Just because they are not seen together? C'mon, give me a break! I wish all this drama would stop. We will NEVER know if they are or if they are not because we are not THEM nor close friends and/or family. Only their loved ones and really, really CLOSE friends know I'm sure :-)

  • Lynn

    Anna, funny thing about "facts" are, they must be able to be proven. Here's some examples....FACT: You don't know either of these two and you don't know anything about their personal lives either. FACT: Rob hasn't been "seen" at all, not even by his lonesome, since that night. FACT: Sarah's own family member stated she is NOT dating Rob. FACT: Kristen just returned home after months away from her family. FACT: her dad is, wait for!! Those are FACTS. What you wrote is your theory/opinion/delusion/fantasy or whatever term you'd like to use for it. Please don't try to state this garbage as fact. The rest of us are smarter than that.

  • dont' get it.......
    dont' get it.......

    Just stop. You don't know anything. Let this just be a nice friendly post instead of a place for you to spout your "break-up" theories. Please leave them alone.

  • @Anna

    fyi she has a house of her own. She mention that when she was doing Twilight 1 promo. she doesn't need to stay at her parents.

  • KatEli

    I always find it funny when strangers on the internet post exactly what Kristen and Rob have been up to? How do you know all of this? Or is this just something you're making up and *thinking* or *hoping* is true? I love Kristen. All I hope for is that she is enjoying being back home in LA; that she is relaxing and having a lovely holiday season. She looks happy in these pics. I'm glad to see that!

  • Jen

    Just because you can't see pictures of them together doesn't mean they aren't with each other. They lie low under the radar most of the time. They don't flaunt anything because then people would scream "PR" and if they're not seen together it's "the relationship is OVER or has NEVER happened." There's no happy medium. Anyone can speculate and choose to believe the gossip rags, but you can't just think that because there's no pictures that things aren't happening behind the scenes. They are entirely private people. However, I'm not telling you to believe one way or the other. I'm just stating the most obvious... we DON'T have a tracking device on them and cannot account for what they are/aren't doing. In your original post, you made it sound matter of fact and unless you are a close friend of theirs (and I am NOT), you cannot know what's happening between them, so do not state it as "fact."

  • anna

    the FACT is,kristen and rob have not been seen together since he was spotted out with sarah roemer,guess why?kristen is curretly staying with her parents since she arrived last week not with rob,taryn article is nothing but lies and damage control.

  • Jen

    Do you think that she'd look that happy if she recently ended a 3 year relationship? Anyone think that maybe she went with her dad because she's afraid to go anywhere alone with all of the crazies OR maybe she's spending time with her dad *gasp*?!? I'm not trying to make excuses, but rather observations...

  • anna

    yeah right,just a FYI.kristen has been staying at her parents home since she got back from london,she has been spotted out and about as well on her own or with friends,rob was never with her,they are no longer together.