Matt Damon: Good Pitchman, Bad Santa Claus (VIDEO)

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Traditionally, Santa Claus is a jolly guy whose only agenda is making kids happy during the holidays. Enter Matt Damon

In a new spoof, the actor dresses up as Old St. Nick in an effort to get kids to put a water bottle on their Christmas list. The sentiment is there — as the organization helps provide clean water to those in need — although the message is all but lost on the captive young audience.

He does manage to manipulate one little girl to go along with his suggestion, although she only seems to be placating him. His pitch is rejected by the other kids, even when he offers to have Matt Damon to autograph the water bottle. 

Celebuzz is pretty fond of Matt, but he should probably stick to using his acting skills on the big screen. He does look pretty hot in that Santa suit, though! 

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