Newlyweds Nikki Reed & Paul McDonald Take Their Dogs for a Walk in LA (PHOTOS)

Nikki Talks Babies
Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald
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Twilight beauty Nikki Reed enjoyed an afternoon stroll with her brand-new husband, American Idol finalist Paul McDonald, Wednesday afternoon in LA, where they were joined by their adorable-looking dogs.

The couple, who were wed in October, appeared to get in a little exercise time, too, as they were both dressed to the nines in workout gear. (Naturally, Paul's was a bit more on the eccentric side.)

Nikki recently graced the big screen in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part I, which, despite bad reviews from critics, has managed to gross over $267 million at the box office. Not bad.

Check out photos of Nikki and Paul's day out with their dogs now!



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