PDA Alert! Penn Badgley and Zoe Kravitz Get Close in Miami (PHOTOS)

It seems as though Penn Badgley and girlfriend Zoe Kravitz have ditched chilly New York and flown south for the holidays.

The Gossip Girl star and his actress girlfriend (and yes, she's the daughter of Lenny) were spotted looking like serious lovebirds as they enjoyed the warm Miami weather. The two snuggled and canoodled in their South Beach pool, with Zoe looking slim in her two-piece bikini and Penn letting his long hair loose.

Badgley has been in New York City in recent months filming for Gossip Girl, and his over-the-top hair is likely linked to his upcoming role as musician Jeff Buckley in a biopic about the singer's tragic life.

Zoe has been enjoying her time on Californication as well as in the smash hit X-Men: First Class, which hit it big at the box office in 2011.



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  • Matt

    Aw. A guy and his fruit fly

  • tahia

    he looks like a homeless loser...eeww

  • Selma

    Omg, his hair...