Taylor Swift Pens Song for ‘Hunger Games’ Soundtrack! (LISTEN)

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Taylor Swift’s songs are usually about heartbreak, teenage awkwardness and finding true love. If you think about it, those themes fit in fairly well with The Hunger Games, so Taylor’s big announcement on Thursday night that she is contributing a song to the upcoming film’s soundtrack doesn’t seem too out of place.

Taylor announced on Twitter that she was contributing a song titled “Safe and Sound” (very fitting for HG!) to the Games soundtrack. The song features Taylor singing along with band The Civil Wars (again, very HG-worthy), and the lyrics are very appropriate for those who know about the dystopian plot of Hunger Games. The hook to the song (which you can listen to after the jump) goes:

Just close your eyes / The sun is going down / You’ll be all right / No one can hurt you now / Come morning light / You and I’ll be safe and sound

Can’t you just imagine Katniss and Peeta snuggling in a cave, doing everything they can to stay alive, while that song plays in the background?

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