‘X Factor’ Winner Melanie Amaro: Childhood Pics! (PHOTOS)

Melanie Wins!
Amaro is crowned 'X Factor' winner.
Melanie Amaro is officially the first winner of the U.S. installment of The X-Factor, and the 19-year-old is waking up today $5 million richer and with a (hopefully) long and successful music career in front of her. But what was life like back in the day for Melanie?

Celebuzz got a hold of some fantastic before-she-hit-it-big photos of Melanie’s childhood, showing the winner’s childhood moments from when she was just a little baby all the way through high school. There’s embarrassing kid photos, there’s those awkward not quite a teenager but not a little kid anymore years, and there’s even one shot that looks like it might be from her prom!

Check out the photos in the gallery above and check out Melanie’s emotional encore performance following her big win on Thursday night!