Rihanna Goes Blonde (and Nearly Nude) in 'You Da One' Video

RiRi's 'We Found Love'
Rihanna's video for her song "We Found Love." Watch »

Just when you thought she couldn't get any sexier, Rihanna comes out with a new video. This time she's trading in her red and brunette wigs for platinum blonde bobs while she sings her new hit single "You Da One." 

Lyrics for the song read: "You the one that I dream about all day/You the one that I think about always/You Are The One So I Make Sure I Behave!/My love is your love, your love is my love."

Of course the video is super sexy with RiRi dancing erotically and looking nearly nude as a blonde bombshell. 

Since the debut of her video, Rihanna has hit up her hometown for the holidays. She tweeted: 

"Barbados will always be home sweet home!!! I've been WAITING for this moment!!! I can't believe its real! My vaca starts in 3,2..."
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