The Kardashians' Christmas Cards Through the Years (PHOTOS)

Merry Khristmas!

Who said you had to wear ugly sweaters in your family Christmas photo?

Every year, the Kardashian-Jenner clan get together to shoot their yearly Christmas card ... or in this case, Kard. Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kris, Rob, Kendall, Kylie, and Bruce all get their glam on for the special occasion, and this year was no different! Joined by Lamar Odom, Scott Disick and baby Mason, the family wrapped up 2011 with classy, black tie-inspired attire.

Check out this year's card above, then click through the gallery for more past Kardashian "Khristmas" photos!

Kim wrote on her site about this year's card:

Here it is! Our 2011 Kardashian/Jenner family Christmas card!!! It was shot by the amazing Nick Saglimbeni and there’s a special 3D version that you can view with 3D glasses. What do you guys think?

I love our family Christmas cards shoots and I think this one looks amazing!

In November, Khloe gave us a behind-the-scenes look at the annual shoot. She wrote on her blog:

Hi dolls! On Monday the entire fam got together to shoot our annual Kardashian/Jenner family Christmas card. We had soooooo much fun getting all dressed up for it and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Which is your favorite Kardashian Christmas photo? Let us know in the comments below!



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  • nicole

    LOVE IT!

  • Lorien Bibb
    Lorien Bibb

    Finally a pic where they look happy. the red lipstick is way too young for the little girls.

  • Lorien Bibb
    Lorien Bibb

    who let's their little girls wear heals??????????????? oh pimp mama.

  • lol

    Khloe does not have the same dad. It doesn't matter but for Khloe's sake she needs to address this in private of course

  • kardashiansonmydick

    yes the younger 2 look so fuckable making my dick throb

  • kardashiansonmydick

    god id love to spunk all over kourtneys tits

  • arya3

    I love It!

  • E

    Wow, before Kim had all that work done.

  • Kyra T.
    Kyra T.

    that is Bruce's daughter

  • Marilyn

    Khloe love that devish look you are giving lol reminds me of my little grand daughter who is 4 love from Houston TX

  • danielleakame

    scary ish right here! so much photoshop it hurts!

  • danielleakame

    she looks NOTHING like them. still cutie. but yeah wow

  • danielleakame

    they actually did use this pic for the xmas card. with ryan in it. bwhahahah and i have to say the bridesmaids dresses are really short on the younger girls...eek

  • danielleakame

    i like how over the years bruces family has been left out...i guess i wouldnt want to be in those pics either. lol

  • callievincigrl

    Another beautiful, yet impersonal Christmas card. I don't see any holiday spirit in this...just a spread for Vogue or something. And is it jus me or is Kourtney's cute little son kinda scary posin & lookin like a little adult?? TOO stiff for a KID!!

  • callievincigrl

    Rest In Peace to their father... Nobody's perfect, but I don't think he'd be too proud of some of their bucktarded actions...but with Khloe having a husband & Kourtney having kids (hope she marries) that shoud settle em down. Kim on the other hand...geeeeez...

  • callievincigrl

    Yeah...too young then for that solid red lipstick! But gah this is 90s!! I miss it...things were at least a little more normal...

  • callievincigrl

    Is it me or do all their Christmas photos (except for the older ones when they were innocent kiddies) seem to be just high fashion with NO soul? When I look @ these I see great fashion minus actual humans...

  • callievincigrl


  • Lauren T.
    Lauren T.


  • Joan

    Kim and Kylie look scary as fuck! Khloe looks the best

  • Tessa

    Cuz shes an alien duh!

  • newpeople

    why do kims eyes looks like alien eyes?

  • bassackward

    WOW... isn't it kinda young for Mom to be teaching the kids just how to wear hooker red lipstick? Though if you look closely, it seems to be natural to the Kardashians... not so much for the blonde Jenner girl... but there's still time to convert her to the darkside...

  • jamielynn

    Very cute picture of them. I think Cloey looks like her mom when her mom was younger .

  • Lu


  • SOLE

    q lindos!! q chiquitos ;)

  • Peace_Forger

    Kim and Kourtney's Mom is Better Looking than Either of Them..

  • Biscuit

    Then Kris went and got all that surgery...

  • Peace_Forger

    I Still Say Kourtney is Prettier than Kim..

  • Nãni

    so cute!

  • kamiluccha

    LOSERS! That's all I can say about hem...