Miranda Cosgrove Talks Holiday Traditions & Favorite Moments From 2011

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It’s Christmas Day, which means that families every where are partaking in their holiday traditions, and the stars are no exception!

Celebuzz recently caught up with iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove, and chatted with her about what she does to celebrate Christmas, and much more!

What do you have planned for Christmas?
For Christmas, I do the same thing every year. I stay in LA because my whole family is here, and they come over. And my next door neighbor, who is my age, is my best friend so she comes over and we spend the whole day in our pajamas.

If you had to make a highlight reel of some of your favorite moments of 2011, what would be on it?
I mean, getting to meet Michelle Obama was really cool, and getting to work with her, I’d put that on there. Getting my permit because that was a really big deal to me [laughs]. I’m already way too late on driving. I feel like it was definitely a step in the right direction [laughs]. Getting to go on tour was fun, getting to be in all the different cities and stuff.

Anywhere you’re dying to travel to?
Australia was on my list, so I was really glad I got to go there. I got to climb the Sydney bridge and do lots of fun stuff for a couple of weeks, so that was really cool. I went to Hawaii once when I was really young, but I’d love to go again.

Do you have a New Year’s resolution?
I used to take kickboxing class a lot, and I haven’t done it in about six months. So I’d like to start doing it again. I’d do it about twice a week with my best friend, and it’s actually pretty fun. When I first heard about kickboxing, I thought it’d be this intense thing, where people were punching bags, but it’s nothing like that.

What were some of your favorite movies from 2011?
I swear I see movies like twice a week but I can never think of any movies when people ask!

We started saving all of our movies tickets throughout the year, then go through and pick our favorites!
That’s an awesome idea, I should do that! I saw Young Adult recently, and I really liked that. It was different, but I loved Charlize Theron. I loved Bridesmaids! I saw that four times [laughs]. I thought that was so funny.

What about music?
I feel like I’ve been going back in time when it comes to music [laughs]. I do listen to a lot of top of top 40 stuff, but people around me try to get me into Nirvana, and my mom loves the Beatles, so I’m always listening to them. I listen to a lot of older stuff like Third Eye Blind. Blink 182. I saw them at the Hollywood Bowl and that was really fun.