Matthew McConaughey Gets Engaged on Christmas Day

Two kids and over four years later, Matthew McConaughey is putting a ring on it! The actor proposed to his baby's mama on Christmas day, announcing the news on his WhoSay account. 

Matthew posted a pic of him and Camila Alves kissing with a caption that read: 

"Just asked Camila to marry me. ... Merry Christmas."
Camila, 28, and Matthew, 42, got together in 2007, and have two kids: Levi, 3, and Vida, who turns two in January. Matthew has gushed over his future Brazilian bride over the years, once telling 
"[Alves] is the love of my life. Everything is right."
Leave your well wishes for the couple in the comments below! 



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  • Luna

    - I've just come across your work and so pleaesd I have! I'm a big fan of Luna swimwear and this shoot is just so much fun! Love the bold and clean colours, really works with the location x

  • Daniela

    Kris Jenner is going to start hionstg duties on The Talk and I'm not particularly excited to hear her opinions on parenting. Honestly, I think she's more worried about her

  • Sammie

    I didn't realize we had made it to the year 3010, but congrats to you both!

  • Jen

    Shouldn't you be in church? Run along now.

  • simplydiffer

    I thought they were already married . . . O.o

  • Abcd

    @nanainut- Since when is it ok for someone to voice their unwanted and ignorant opinions on other people's lives? The fact that a couple is married doesn't ensure that they have "good morals". Having good morals isn't about marriage, it's about knowing right from wrong, and last time I checked many married couples have done wrong in their lives and taught their children to do the same. Instead of criticizing the life choices of people you don't know, maybe you should be congratulating them on the fact that they have a wonderful family, love each other and clearly love their children as well. Marriage isn't necessary. It's nice to have, but how is a couple of rings and a piece of paper supposed to idicate whether a couple will raise their children right? It's close minded people like you who make "youth today" so ignorant and judgmental.

  • Sweet

    congratulaions Matthew & Camila I hope you lives will be filled with love & happiness @nan you are a very biggoted and nasty person who gives you the right to throw a dark cloud over thier happy moment i'm sorry but are you saying that if you are married then bring children into the world they will be far better off than the children born out of wedlock and they wont have any morals. I really can not see that this is what causes our youth and young (even older) couples are so f***ed up as you put it. I believe there are far worse things in life that messes people up than having a child or being a child out of wedlock. I can think of plenty of people in the lime light born in wedlock who mess up just as bad. It is not just the celebs setting this example it is also what is being taught in our society and schools i think you need to get your head out of the gossip pages and go and have a very long hard and close look at reality.

  • Tdda

    nanainut- very closed minded individual. Maybe not everyone wants to jump through the same hoops as everyone else. I too would like to be married before having children, but that is my decision. They decided to do what was best for them....Would you rather it end up in divorce like most celeb marriages? I guess it wouldnt matter to you as long as they are following the "rules" and setting a "good example" We should be congratulating them on their engagement instead of criticizing

  • nanainut

    Wellll, how nice. Yet another celebrity couple setting a fine and moral example for our youth. Why the hell didn't we all start asking YEAR'S AGO, "WHERE ARE YOUR MORALS?" No wonder our youth and young (even older) couples are so f***ed up! Since when is it okay to have your children and then, maybe someday, get married. This messed up way of thinking really pisses me off! Way too many celebs setting this example! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!


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