New ‘Amazing Spider-man’ Stills Show Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy (PHOTOS)

Spidey Kiss
Emma and Andrew pucker up on set.
Spider-man fans received a special gift this Christmas when new stills from The Amazing Spider-man were released.

In these official photos, fans got a glimpse of Emma Stone as Spider-man’s crush Gwen Stacy. As a bonus, the studio also released astill of Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker swinging down from metal chain. 

Although the paparazzi has kept us up to date with shots from the set, this is our first time seeing Emma in all of her Gwen Stacy glory!

The Easy A actress famously reverted back to her blonde roots (she’s actually not a natural redhead!) in order to play Spidey’s love interest. Soon after the film’s wrap, Emma returned to her ginger locks. Check her out with co-star and real-life boyfriend Andrew below!

While these photos only give a glimpse into the action of what’s to come, surely they’ll be enough to keep fans of the series happy enough for a while.

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