Pink, Carey Hart & Baby Willow Enjoy Morning in Malibu (PHOTOS)

Baby Willow in NYC
Pink and Baby Willow spotted in NYC.
It was baby’s first Christmas on Sunday for Pink and Carey Hart’s daughter Willow Sage! The couple and their bundle of joy were spotted out and about in Malibu on Monday morning, stopping off for some breakfast before doing a little bit of post-holiday shopping. 

Dressed casually, Pink wore a hoodie and sweatpants while her baby’s daddy was dressed in shorts and sneakers. Their daughter was the most dressed up, wearing an adorable headband with a bow on it. 

So how did the Pink family spend their holiday? The singer tweeted: 

“Thank you to the Walkers @butchwalker for feeding us, sheltering us, and loving us this Xmas. You are the bestest.”

Butch Walker is a renowned singer/songwriter who has worked with everyone from Avril Lavigne to Pete Yorn

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