Sylvester Stallone Shirtless in 'Bullet to the Head' Promo: Better with Age? (POLL)

Sylvester Stallone Shirtless in Bullet to the Head

It takes a manly man to be an action star, just ask Sylvester Stallone! In a just-released photo from his new movie Bullet to the Head, the big-screen hero shows us what he's working with. Posed with a gun and little else, Sly's ripped body is on full display. 

Is he keeping up with the younger generation -- or putting them to shame? Take our poll to tell us your thoughts!

Remember, dude is 65. That's about twice the age of most of his contemporaries. 

In the film, he plays a hitman out for revenge. Christian Slater, Jason Momoa and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje co-star.

Watch ET's behind-the-scenes of Bullet to the Head below:

Bullet to the head by teasertrailer



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  • Rebecca

    Stallone has never used steroids in his life, read his biography and do research before you start spilling harsh remarks. In Rocky IV he was against steroids, if you remember Drago took them, not him...why would he depict that if he himself was doing them? Doesnt make sense at all huh? God people. God.

  • Just a thought
    Just a thought

    And how many steroids did he have to take to get this ripped? Is the six-pack real or painted on? To how much surgery (lipo, etc) can he credit this body to?

  • danielleakame

    i guess for being 65 he looks good...but his arms are scary

  • cookie


  • zalone

    A 65 ans, toujours au top Stallone excellent..