Vanessa Hudgens, Austin Butler Hold Hands in Studio City (PHOTOS)

Just days after they were spotted doing some last-minute shopping together in LA, Vanessa Hudgens and boyfriend Austin Butler continued their PDA-fest Monday afternoon in nearby Studio City.

Dressed head-to-toe in sweats, the happy-go-lucky couple looked relaxed and casual as they made their way about town, and did their best to shield themselves from the cameras in a pair of hats.

Vanessa and Austin appear to be doing very well together. According to reports, the two recently enjoyed a trip to Disneyland together. How very Ryan Gosling of them.

What do you think of Vanessa's new beau? Could he be the one? Or are you forever Team Zanessa? Check out photos of their day out together now!



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  • Doesn't matter
    Doesn't matter

    Zanessa all the wayyyyyyyyy, I truly misssssssss them so very much. And this Austin guy reminds me of Zac, I don't know how Vanessa can cope with this, or she just chose him on purpose to look like that... ughhhh

  • kittykat123

    theyre a cute couple(:

  • Ivy

    Austin is WAY too good for Vanessa... I mean he could do SOOOO much better than someone like Vanessa. So Zac all the way because Austin and Vanessa don't look good together

  • hsmandzanessa4ever

    TEAM ZANESSA 4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ONLY HOPE ZAC AND HIS GIRL WILL GET BACK TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!