12 Days of Celeb-mas: Best Moments of the ‘Twilight Saga’ So Far (VIDEOS)

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On the fourth day of Celeb-mas, Celebuzz gave to me . . . four Twilight movies!

This year was big for the Twilight saga as 2011’s Breaking Dawn – Part 1 marked the beginning of the end of the beloved franchise. When the film opened this November, Twilight fans flocked their local theaters to bid farewell to Bella, Edward and Jacob.

Although the saga hasn’t quite wrapped up yet (the last movie comes out in 2012), we at Celebuzz are starting to say our goodbyes by counting down our favorite moments from the films thus far. Check out our picks below! 

From Twilight: Who could forget this memorable prom scene from the saga’s first film? With Iron & Wine’s “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” softly playing in the background, Bella confessed to Edward that she wants to spend an eternity with him. To make things even more romantic, the song was also played during Breaking Dawn, Part 1’s wedding scene.

From New Moon: Not only did we find out just how much Jacob cares for Bella in New Moon, but we also got a taste of Bella’s badass side in the flick. The girl’s got quite a swing!

From Eclipse: Team Jacob fans went into when Eclipse featured two steamy kisses between Bella and Jacob. Although the first one packed quite a punch (literally), the second one resonated with us as a bittersweet moment between conflicted friends in love.

From Breaking Dawn – Part 1: The first installment of the final film pushed boundaries when it gave us a glimpse inside the marital suite of newlyweds Bella and Edward. Although a bed was destroyed and pillows were ripped into shreds, the couple gave us a steamy night of passion we’ll never forget!

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