Elle Fanning's High-Waisted Pilgrim Style: Yay or Nay? (PHOTOS)

Isn't Thanksgiving over? We Bought a Zoo actress Elle Fanning was spotted leaving a restaurant with friends in West Hollywood on Tuesday wearing high-waisted cream-colored bloomers paired with a black collared top and a hot pink shoulder bag. To top it off, the 13-year-old actress wore black Doc Martin-esque shoes. 

We're not crazy about Elle's pilgrim fashion, but what do you think of Dakota Fanning's little sister's fashion forward ensemble? Cast your vote in the poll and leave a few fashion reviews in the comments. 

Dakota, 17, and Elle have become quite the fashionistas over the years. The two are very close, though currently living apart as Elle lives with their parents in California while sister Dakota currently resides in NYC while taking college classes at NYU.

"She is a nice older sister," Elle said of Dakota in a recent issue of W Magazine.

"But it’s not like we always get along. Now that she’s going to college, it’s different. I went into her room at home in California, and all her clothes were gone! Her closet was empty! I don’t get to go in there and steal clothes anymore. It’s really strange. It’s sort of like she’s off making a movie, but this time she’s not coming back."
Whose style do you prefer: Dakota or Elle's?


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  • justaguy

    I want to bang this little hottie.

  • justaguy

    She is cute and has a tight little body. I'd bang her!

  • Michelle

    who's that guy in the back with the white shirt, black jeans and black boots? Ya know, the scruffy guy! He's cuuuute. Lemme get yo' digitiz! haha!