Guess Who: Which Funnyman Showed Off His Abs & Surf Skills? (PHOTOS)

Guess Who? Cleavage!
Which hot Hollywood lady is this?
He’s made us laugh year after year, but who knew this 40-year-old funnyman was rocking rock hard abs?! The actor/director was spotted paddle boarding in Kauai, Hawaii over the holiday season, wearing floral board shorts. 

Can you guess who this ab-tastic actor is? Hint: he once played a model. Click through the pics to find out and test your knowledge on other hunky celebrity stomachs.

If you guessed Ben Stiller (we doubt you did), you’d be right. Turns out he’s fit for his role as Derek Zoolander. In fact, perhaps he’s in shape to reprise his role as the hilarious supermodel as it’s rumored that a sequel to Zoolander has been announced and is set to hit theaters in 2014.

For more shirtless pics, click on the gallery below!