'Hunger Games' Hunk Alexander Ludwig: I Love Playing the Bad Guy! (VIDEO)

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Alexander Ludwig is quite the charmer off screen, as he proved during a recent visit to Seventeen. During the photo shoot, Alex along with a few of his Hunger Games costars, sat down with the magazine to chat all about the anticipated film.

In the film, Alex will be facing off against Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson as the male tribute, Cato, and he's the first to admit he loved playing the villain. "I'm the bad boy of the group... I love playing the bad guy -- maybe a little too much," he said.

So what scene is he most excited for fans to see on the big screen?

"The Cornicopia has to take the cake because Cato basically just runs to the center of the entire games and kicks ass! It's crazy. The body count is ridiculous," he said, adding that he did sword training and hand-to-hand combat to prepare for the intense scenes.

Although he had fun while filming, he incurred a few injuries along the way.

"I wrecked my ankle at one point but I love doing my own stunts and I'll never stop," he said.

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