Robert Pattinson Holidays with Gal Pal, Heading Back to be with Kristen Stewart (PHOTO)


The rumor mill can simmer down for a bit, because Celebuzz has the real story behind Robert Pattinson's casual conversation with a mystery brunette at the Sun Inn bar in London, England on Christmas Eve. 

A source tells Celebuzz that the female in question is actually RPattz's best friend Tom Sturridge's ex girlfriend. The breakup, however, didn't cause a rift in the friendship circle and the girl is still good friends with both Rob and Tom. As of late, Tom is dating Sienna Miller -- whose birthday is coincidentally today, Dec. 28. 

So where is the Twilight heartthrob off to next, and will he be kissing his girlfriend Kristen Stewart at midnight to ring in 2012?

Rob is heading back to Los Angeles where, according to our source, will meet up with KStew for New Year's Eve. Despite reports to the contrary, they are said to be planning a low key evening together rather than an end of the year blow out party.

While her beau was in London for the holiday, Kristen spent her Christmas with her family and has been enjoying some low key night with her gal pals. Both actors need a well deserved vacation between the Breaking Dawn hoopla and Kristen shooting Snow White and the Huntsman.  

This isn't the first time Rob's friendships have been called into question. Earlier this month, RPattz, 25, and Disturbia actress Sarah Roemer, 27, hit up the quaint Hollywood hotspot La Poubelle with friends before making their way to the Soho House. The dinner was with a group of Hollywood producers and the two are just friends.

Do you think guys and gals can be just friends? Sound off in the comments!


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  • jenny

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  • Cara

    Rob and Kristen's fans/haters loves to create drama. Seriously, their so-called fans needs to get a life and stop being over invested in a relationship that is not theirs. I agree with you lola, if I were them I would have lost my cool long time ago with these immature and crazy fans (I hope these are just tweenies and not adults because that is alarming).

  • simplydiffer

    Honestly, I really think that might happen. Not a neck punch, but a face punch. I can really see it happening.

  • V1

    Looks like he is just talking to someone he knows? Don't see what the big deal is? Heard he was heading back to LA anyway.

  • jess

    Whats the big deal that the article said she was hanging out with gal pals? No double standard, just saying it was with her gal pals (girls night). Why are you making drama out of something so innocent.

  • lola

    Wow, how stifling is Rob's life where just talking to a girl garners such frenzy? I'm just counting down the days for when Rob finally loses his patience(which is at saint level at this point with his fans) and neck punches a twihard. It's gonna happen, 2012 may be the year! lol

  • nina

    I feel bad poor rob and kristen. Their fans act like nosey old aunts who get in their business constantly, with a big topping of gossipy hos at high school spreading rumors about them everywhere. With fans like that, who needs enemies?

  • Zoe

    The pt is to highlight the double standard of the blogger who is telling everyone it's cool Rob has female friends but also made a point of saying Kristen ONLY hung with her "gal pals". They BOTH can and likely DID hangout with members of the opposite sex while apart and it's lame for the blogger to not acknowledge that.

  • giz

    getting wasted in London? lol lol you poor krisbian/nonbert red with anger much? Because Kristen obv doesn't give a fuck about what her 'classy' fans think of her relationship. It hurts right?

  • dont' get it.......
    dont' get it.......

    And if she was.....what's the problem with that? Not sure what your point was - kind of felt like a negative thought but I could be misreading.

  • Zoe

    So wait. This entire post is about Rob's ability to have female friends but you make a point of saying K was hanging with her "gal pals". Highly doubt Kristen wasn't chilling with dudes while he was off getting wasted in London. *eyeroll*