Ian Somerhalder Stars in Racy Russian Music Video

What do you get when you put Vampire Diaries hottie Ian Somerhalder in a room with masked and nearly naked women? One super sexy music video! 

Ian stars in Russian singer Dima Bilan's music video for her song "Blind Love," and the scenes greatly resemble that of Tom Cruise's racy 1999 film Eyes Wide Shut. Tuxed up, Ian is seen arm-in-arm with a beautiful woman dressed in a skimpy cocktail outfit. The couple head into a fancy home where they put on masks before entering what turns into a very sexy party. 

However, the party takes a rowdy turn when Ian's character throws down with one of the guests. 

Regardless, we're always happy to see those light eyes anywhere!

Prior to his success on Vampire Diaries, Ian played Boone on Lost but was killed off pretty early on in the show. From the looks of his Twitter, he's still not over it. He wrote to Lost executive producer Damon Lindelof jokingly, "Damon, I'm in a place that's so much like Hawaii. Thinking about LOST & how magical it was-what did I do to get killed so early?"

Which of Ian's characters is your fave: Boone or Damon? Defend your answer in the comments.


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  • Rudi

    Just want to point out that Dima Bilan is a man, so saying "her video" is bit confusing :)