Justin Bieber Sits Courtside After Visiting Grandparents in the Hospital (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber appeared to be in great spirits as he sat court side with his best friend at the Toronto Raptors game on Wednesday evening. The game seemed to cheer up the 17-year-old pop star, who had rushed to Canada to see his grandparents after they were involved in a car crash Tuesday. Thankfully, they're doing fine.

His mom's parents were in a car accident that left the teen sensation's grandfather with broken ribs. Bieber's mother, Pattie Mallette, took to Twitter to inform fans about the incident, writing:



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  • sammantha

    he likes the way they r shakin it

  • shut up
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    damn. he seems interested.

  • Troll

    He likes it

  • justinbelieber

    justin bieber is super sexy and an amazing singer love him enjoy your new year make it a never forget show im watching it tonight plan t see you there gana be fab.!

  • lula

    You are so misinformed! He didn't rushed to Canada to see his grandparents after the car crash. He already was there for Christmas.