12 Days of Celeb-mas: Celebrity Hair Transformations of 2011 (PHOTOS)

Iconic Celeb Hair
Hollywood's most famous 'dos!
Crayon Colored Hair!
Pink! Green! Blue! Celebs with funky locks.
On the sixth day of Celeb-mas, Celebuzz gave to me . . . six brand new hairdos!

This year, few celebrities underwent makeovers by re-styling their signature locks. Marking the one anniversary of her recovery from an eating disorder, Demi Lovato embraced her new outlook on life by dying her hair a fiery red. Likewise, Katy Perry ditched her famous raven hair for something much brighter.

With 2011 coming to a close, Celebuzz is taking a look back this year’s most memorable hair transformations. Click through the gallery to see who was brave enough for a makeover this year!

But sometimes, a hair transformation is all part of the job. Actresses like Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence darkened their locks for upcoming flicks, while Vanessa Hudgens and Dianna Agron chopped off their hair in order to get into character.

Did these stars make the right choice in switching up their look? Or should they have stuck to their old roots? Sound off in the comments below!