Did Beyonce & Jay-Z Welcome Baby Girl?

Hip-hop's hottest couple are rumored to be new parents, according to New York's 10 o'clock news on My9 and other outlets.

Word has it Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z welcomed their first child in NYC on Friday and named her Tiana May Carter, reports are claiming. The news channel says Beyonce has her own floor at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital and checked in on Thursday.

However, their reps have yet to confirm the news.

The "Single Ladies" singer and hubby Jay-Z tied the knot in April of 2008, after about six years of dating.

BK broke the big news at the 2011 VMAs in August, as she sported a bright tangerine dress, and carressed her growing baby bump as hundreds of photogs snapped away.



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  • PeterGunn

    JT & JZ , Sorry JT you are rich luckily the illuminati like you. That new album 20/20 leaves a lot to be desired! But you will make JZ look good on tour. JT did a great job on SNL! Where Di JT get his start?

  • PeterGunn

    What does Beyonce see in JayZ. Well they see true beauty is beyind the skin?

  • Ultimate Fan
    Ultimate Fan

    King and King/Queen SLAYING!!!

  • Ultimate Fan
    Ultimate Fan

    I absolutely LOVED this outfit from big hair down to her gold toes!!! It was perfectly over the top, sexy and super hot!!!

  • Ultimate Fan
    Ultimate Fan


  • April

    She looks like the ghetto version of Dolly lol

  • Amy

    looooove her shoes!

  • Selma


  • Malin

    The fact that she has the entire floor means that there is something on that floor she does NOT want anyone to find out about or accidentally see...AKA a surrogate. Just sayin'.

  • #sfjf8wjslf

    So i guess no one read the line about her having her own "floor" in the hospital. I know she is a celebrity and all, but seriously? Are you that full of yourself that you need to have your own floor to have a baby? Give me a damn break. That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard.

  • Pam

    Planned C-Sections are done 5 days - 2 weeks before the due date. The doctor does not do a c-section a month before the due date unless the mother or baby are having complications. My second child was a planned c-section, she was born 5 days prior to her due date. My doctor said that was the perfect time, because of lung development etc.

  • AlaBella

    I did, but I guess I'm still hoping for one A-list celebrity to not be that vain and let nature do its work. Wishful thinking, I know. Oh, and a scheduled C-section doesn't mean you won't have to go into the discomfort of labour - doctors do induce you, and then perform the C-section.

  • Urbanspaceman

    Yes, the baby was due in January but celebrity moms generally deliver via c-section a month early because a scheduled birth won't conflict with other commitments, because it helps minimize stretch marks and because the mom doesn't have to go into the discomfort of labour. Celebrity childbirth is all about the mom, didn't you know?

  • AlaBella

    I thought she was due in January. Congratulations if it's true, though. However, I'm not expecting an official confirmation. Not yet anyway. These two usually confirm something themselves, way after it happened.

  • martha1024

    congratulations goes out to beyonce and jay z on their new arrival. as a mother of two i know your hearts are filled with joy and happiness. may she be as gracious and talented as her parents are.

  • ghccfdfzfZS

    nononononono stop the babies