Best & Worst Dressed Celebs of 2011! (PHOTOS)

Emmys Worst Dressed
Who went wrong on the red carpet?
Celebs are well-rounded these days. They do it all! Singers create fragrance lines. Actors write novels. Reality stars record hit (or miss) singles. But we are not here to rejoice upon the fact that the Biebs has a perfume and that the bottle top is a rose with heart-shaped petals and a key charm locket. We are here to talk about which celebs worked hard, played hard, and looked fab doing it.

With red carpet events, photoshoots, and promotional appearances, stars are always working on their appearance. Whether Khloe Kardashian dies her hair red or Lady Gaga steps out in a new creation straight off the runway, we ALWAYS notice. Naturally, fashion is a huge part of this.

If you’re an avid Celebuzz reader, then you know we are constantly analyzing the ensembles of celebrities in ‘Style Showdown’, ‘Yay or Nay?’, and ‘Trend Spotting’. So after twelve months of floor-length gowns, super-short minis, and everything in between, who made our best and worst dressed lists of 2011? Click through the gallery to find out!

Do you agree or disagree with our picks? Do you think we missed your favorite celeb? Let us know in the comments!