Celebuzz Presents: The Biggest Stories of 2011! (PHOTOS)

What a year this has been! 2011 was chock full of drama, big breakups, major comebacks, career high notes, and some sad stuff too (RIP Amy Winehouse). 

No doubt, one of the most sensational stories was that pop superstar Justin Bieber had fathered a child at only 17! Biebs denied the deed, but his alleged baby momma Mariah Yeater became infamous overnight. She later withdrew her paternity suit, dropping her only claim to fame.

In similarly shocking (although sadly true) news, some Hollywood power couples jumped off the diving board of love and landed in separate swimming pools. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher split, as did Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

But romance prevailed as Prince William married Kate Middleton in the most-watched television event of the year! 

We’ve gathered all the juicy ingredients and are serving them up in a delish dish we call The Biggest Stories of 2011! Feast your eyes on the gallery to review the year in celebrity news.