From Jackie O to Michelle Obama: A History of First-Lady Fashion (PHOTOS)

Michelle Obama may have made waves for her style from the moment she stepped into the political spotlight, but she’s hardly the first First Lady to garner attention for her fashion.

Since our nation’s founding, first lady fashion has captured the hearts and minds of their fans.

Decades before Mrs. Obama, there was Jackie O, whose pillbox hats, chic shifts, and signature bob continue to influence our fashion today. Long before that, during the roaring ’20s, Grace Coolidge was topping best-dressed lists for her stylish flapper fashion.

And before Mrs. Coolidge dazzled in sequined dresses and strings of pearls, President Abraham Lincoln’s wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, earned a reputation as a shopaholic, spending what, at the time, were considered lavish sums on upgrades to her wardrobe — and the White House.

And while certain First Ladies have been lauded for their chic choices; others have faced ridicule for their fashion faux-pas.

Hillary Clinton isn’t a stranger to criticism for her fashion over the years, from the headbands she sported during her husband President Clinton’s days in office to the rainbow of pantsuits she’s worn since.

Take a look back at First Lady fashion throughout the years, from the good and the bad to the plain ugly.

Click through our gallery for lesson in fashion politics. Then share your pick for the most fashionable first lady of all time.