Jessica Simpson ‘Can Avoid the Trap of Cravings and Weight Gain’ During Her Second Pregnancy, Expert Says

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Jessica's growing baby bump.
Throughout the years, Jessica Simpson’s fluxuating weight has been a much discussed topic in Hollywood — and it hit the radar once again following the news of her second pregnancy, exclusively confirmed by Celebuzz.

While she lost an impressive 40 pounds after giving birth to daughter Maxwell Drew, the singer has reportedly put her Weight Watchers campaign on hold as she prepares for the arrival of her second child.

So how exactly can the mom of two maintain a healthier lifestyle during the next nine months?

We asked the experts to weigh in.

Simpson became notoriously known for binge eating while pregnant with Maxwell, a habit that should be heavily discouraged, according to Lisa DeFazio, a nutritionist and diet expert.

“Pregnancy is not a free ride to eat as much as you want for nine months. You can get gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, and you will regret the 60 or 70 pounds you have to lose when the baby is born,” she told Celebuzz.

A strict dietary plan can help Simpson and any mother keep the pounds at bay.

“By focusing on meats, veggies, fruits and good healthy fats, Jessica can avoid the trap of cravings and weight gain,” said Samantha Grant, a celebrity nutritionist featured on this season of The Doctors. “…Healthy foods like grass-fed beef, whole eggs, dark leafy greens and fats like olivie oil, coconut oil, seeds, nuts and avocados as well as low fruit sugars, like berries and apples.”

In addition to keeping nutritious meals on her menu, Simpson should steer clear from refined sugars, carb-laden meals and high mercury seafood to maintain a equally-balanced diet.

When it comes to those pesky cravings, dark chocolate can be a healthier substitute for junk food.

“Indulging in a little dark chocolate can manage her sweet tooth without causing damage,” Grant said.

As for exercise, staying active plays a prominent role for Simpson and any expectant mom.  “She needs a customized workout plan that includes strength training, yoga and stretching,” Grant added.

But Simpson doesn’t need to endure her pregnancy diet alone — fiance Eric Johnson can lend a helping hand.

“He should walk with her, help cook or pick up healthy restaurant food, stock the kitchen with healthy snacks and fruits and vegetables,” DeFazio said.

Packing a few pounds is inevitable during pregnancy as most women tend to gain 15 to 25 pounds. Meanwhile, consulting with a nutritionist and a doctor can make the dietary process much easier.

“If she needs support, I would recommend she meet with a nutritionist on a regular basis and have a customized diet plan designed,” Grant said.

“By focusing on her particular eating style, the nutritionist can develop a plan that can keep her on track, but also allow her to have some freedom as well. A good nutritionist can design a plan with lots of variety to keep her motivated.”

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