Lose Weight Fast! Celebrity Trainer Spills Five Weight Loss Secrets

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Whether you've packed on a few pounds thanks to all the amazing holiday treats or are just looking to start off 2012 with a great workout regimen, celebrity fitness trainer Sidney Wilson is here to help! Sidney's motto is "Get Vicious” and that's exactly how he's helped tone and slim some of Hollywood's hottest celebs.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Sidney's tips on how to lose weight during the holiday season.

1. Time

Before during and after the holidays, try to add more time to your work. Adding reps, distance, or even 10 maybe 20 more minutes to your work out will help you prepare yourself for what's to come. Most people get lazy during the holidays, but I want you to Get Vicious!

2. Burn-off more the you put in.

The holidays are here, so it's best to start burning calories or speeding that heart rate up by hitting the gym and doing cardio. Bikram yoga is also a great way to burn body fat. Find a friend to help motivate you to kick-start your holiday workout. The more you eat, the more you have to burn -- always keep that in mind.

3. Stop and Starts

Try not to get in the habit of starting and stopping a diet. It's very hard to start all over once you have stopped. Most people have the tendency to let go and abandon their diet which causes significant weight gain around the holidays.

4. Know when not to eat.

Your body breaks down foods based on how many calories you consume and how high your metabolism is. This goes hand-in-hand when choosing the best time to eat. Your heart rate is a lot higher during the typical work hours of 8am to 5pm. So what you want to try to do is have a cut-off time at around 7pm to 8pm to eat your dinner or main meal. This little trick will get you to burn more calories during prime hours and not while you are sleeping – when you are burning the least amount of calories.

5. Eat less

Try not to eat everything in one sitting. Consume smaller potions to make time for your body to digest and break down food. When you were younger, your mother told you to eat everything on your plate. That is no longer the case here. Eating smaller portions will get you to go back for seconds later. Think quality, not quantity!

To get more fitness tips and advice from Sidney, visit Facebook.com/SidneyWilson04 and Twitter: @Get_Vicious.

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  • AlaBella

    You can express a diverging opinion without yelling or insulting people, you know?

  • AlaBella

    @ Sydney Wilson, Thank you for the offer, but I have lost 25lbs last year. I achieved that through self-motivation (not always easy, especially in the dead of winter) and with help from my doctor. It took time to learn how to eat properly, find the right balance between protein, carbs and fat, and working out 3 times a week(which is what my schedule allows), but I made it, without starving myself or eating less than I burned. And I have no food allergies, and things are fine on the family, professional and financial front. Thank you.

  • AlaBella

    "Burn-off more the you put in" -> that's another way to say "starve yourself." Seriously, I hate it when people who live off working out and have all day to do it and are supposed to be professionals say something like this. Your organism needs a certain amount of calories to be able to function correctly - and that means eating carbs, sugar and fat to allow your brain and other muscles to work properly. Eat less than you burn and you're going below your daily needs and your body starts going into starvation mode. So sure, you'll lose weight, but the moment you stop working out (temporarily or just working out less), you'll put all the weight back on and more. Any good doctor will tell you that.