Fallingwater VP Gives Brad Pitt Advice For Building Waterfall Dream Home

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Brad Pitt once said that acting is his career but architecture is his passion. His gal Angelina Jolie knew just that when she reportedly (via NY Post) bought the actor a waterfall and its surrounding land in California for him to build on. The purchase was made after the A-list couple visited Frank Lloyd Wright’s house Fallingwater in Mill Run, Pennsylvania for Brad’s birthday back in Dec. 2006 (photo above). 

Celebuzz spoke exclusively with V.P. and director of Fallingwater Lynda S. Waggoner about the possibility of Brad, 48, building a house inspired by the structure, and she had a few tips and quips for the star. 

“Brad Pitt is clearly knowledgeable about architecture,” she said of the famous architect enthusiast when asked what advice she would give to him in building his dream house. “I imagine he will select an important architect for his house who, though inspired by Fallingwater, will create something that is a distinctive expression of our times and appropriate to the site and Mr. Pitt’s needs and desires.”

In 2006, when Brad and Angie stopped by the 1935 house, the staff reported that Angie said, “He’s so hard to buy for.” Lynda was happy to hear that the couple was so influenced by their visit.

“We are delighted that Brad Pitt was impressed enough by his experience of Fallingwater to want to create a work of architecture inspired by it.”

“Brad said he had wanted to experience Fallingwater ever since he took an architectural history course in college,” Fallingwater’s Curator of Education Cara Armstrong said when the couple showed up in 2006. “He and I talked quite a bit about design and art. He was incredibly well informed about architecture.”

Lynda mentioned that they’ve yet to hear from Brad and Angelina about their big purchase, and architectural endeavors. She said of the Frank Lloyd Wright structure, “Fallingwater is unique. It’s the result of many factors – the architect Frank Lloyd Wright, a stunning location, an enlightened client and the period in which it was designed.”