'Hunger Games' Scenes We're Dying to See: Katniss & Gale! (VIDEO)

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Welcome back to Celebuzz's 100 Days of Hunger Games video countdown! Today Celebuzz editor Amanda Hasaka joins me to talk about what she is dying to see when The Hunger Games hits theaters in March.

Need a hint? She may or may not be Team Gale...

Click the video above to see us discuss how we think Liam Hemsworth's character is going to be portrayed on the big screen.

We have to get more Gale scenes somehow...right? Join the discussion in the comments!

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  • Laura

    Please stop all that "Team" thing about the Hunger Games. We're way above that

  • Carol

    Team Haymitch! (WHAT?!?!... yeah, that just happened) :P

  • Hadassa

    I pick Team Katniss :]

  • Anahi

    I'd really rather people didn't use the whole "Teams" thing and instead say boy with bread and the boy with the snares. That's a lot more fitting I think and doesn't sound like Twilight. (:

  • SaguineIncedium

    Not trying to sound like a hypocrite( I do sound like one) but I would appreciate it if we don't use ''Teams''. Its more suitable for the Twilight team than THG. Maybe saying Seam or Towny? Or Hunter vs Baker? Boy with the snares or the Boy with the bread? Anything but the teams... Oh and the scene im just DYING to see is the interviews after the games. Pretty much the aftermath of the incident in the Arena (: Plus some Haymitch and Cinna scenes.

  • Leigha

    Lol I know, I hate the whole team thing too but whether we like it or not, people are gonna pick sides cuz everyone grows a liking to one boy or another and people have argued over who Katniss should pick since the books have been out.

  • Leigha

    Which scene do I wanna see the most? Forget the scene, how about the WHOLE movie? Lol. I'm really interested in seeing how they're gonna pull of the costumes that Peeta and Katniss wear the day of the interview cuz it's so descriptive with the fire and everything.

  • Daniya Rae
    Daniya Rae

    Team Peeta all the way

  • Lauren

    Pls no teams...ugh.

  • Carol

    I'm Team Gale

  • Cassie

    Team Peeta!

  • Katnissssss

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