Jessica Simpson Wants Jessica Alba's Post-Baby Body!


Jessica Simpson gave Jessica Alba some major body props on Twitter this week!

"New goal: look like @jessicaalba after baby. Job well done lady!" Simpson said, to which Alba replied: "OMG! Ur so sweet! Thx hon!"

Can't blame Simpson! Take a look at Alba's post-baby body (this was child number two mind you) while vacationing in Cabo over New Years Eve.

Lets not forget that Jessica Simpson knows how to get herself into bikini-shape too. Dukes of Haazard anyone?



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  • ME

    i want alba's BAD.

  • Ariela


  • justaguy

    Jessica Simpson wants Jessica Alba's body? I want both of their bodies!!

  • Anonymous

    Jessica Alba has a killer natural body. Jessica Simpson is a chunky man.


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