Kim Kardashian: Ultra Glam For My True Reflection Ads (PHOTO)

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Here’s a pic from my new True Reflection fragrance ad campaign… ultra glam! 

I LOVE red lips!

My new fragrance comes out this spring and it is so different than my other fragrances!




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  • billyinc1

    You are simply Divine Kim; Love these new photos Gorgeous.

  • E

    "True Reflection"??? If those photos are a true reflection of Kim K., they should be pics of Gollum from Lord of the Rings; cause that's what she looks like with her plastic face and without all of that makeup. Plus she's obsessed with getting her "precious" money!

  • Emma

    Too sexy image of Kim Kardashian, I've ever seen -

  • CaliforniaZuli

    true reflection,hmm suits her well,u know with her humble honest,hard working self>>>>>>>>>>>>NOT i can honestly say if id see her in the streets id probly throw rocks at that bitch lol

  • M Martell
    M Martell

    she looks good