Rooney Mara's Edgiest Looks: How the 'Tattoo' Star Is Pushing the Fashion Envelope (PHOTOS)

Rooney Mara has definitely made a name for herself in the past couple of months, both on and off the big screen.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo star has turned a number of heads on the red carpet with her modern, edgy, some might say unconventional, fashion choices that continue to push the envelope among stars her age.

With Rooney's latest appearance at the Dragon Tattoo photo call in Madrid, Spain, we've pulled together her most memorable looks from around the globe.

Check them out in our gallery now, then tell us: Is Rooney a trendsetter? Or is she pulling the wrong looks?



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  • mileyismylife

    Rooney is beyond perfection and her dress is so beautiful!

  • Therese

    Gotta agree with the first two comments. This whole 'edgy' business feels forced and contrived, she doesn't seem comfortable or natural in any of the dresses she's worn for the promotions of this movie. Trying too hard to sell an image is not edgy in my book.

  • Cara

    I don't think wearing several cut-out dresses in promo events for a movie translates "edgy." I agree with the comment above, I have seen her style before she was chosen for the Dragon Tattoo movie and its not the same as the goth look. So this style is not her. I feel like she is Fincher's frankenstein in a bad way.

  • newpeople

    i like her "new" style a lot the whole look its unique but im just questioning if it is really her... or she is just still playing the part.