Selena Gomez Pumps Gas, Gets McDonald's Before Visiting Boyfriend Justin Bieber (PHOTOS)

Stars are just like us. They pump their own gas, they go through the McDonald's drive-thru and then they visit their superstar boyfriend with a super-size meal and a full tank of gas (well maybe that part is a little different.)

Disney darling Selena Gomez, 19, was spotted in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Jan. 3, doing just that while en route to boyfriend Justin Bieber's LA home. Dressed in super-skinny jeans, sky-high heels, a white button-down and glasses, SelGo looked sexy-chic as she pumped gas into the SUV and chatted on the phone. 

This isn't the first time we've seen the young Hollywood couple grabbing Mickey D's!

They love their Big Macs! The Biebs had a rumor rapid end to 2011 with his paternity scandal but it seems he is starting off 2012 with Selena on his arm and a tummy full of fast food! 



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  • Kassy

    You clearly an idiot then Jen because it's highly dangerous.

  • Shannen Goodwin
    Shannen Goodwin

    does she not know you cant use your mobile at the petrol sation

  • Laela

    Just leave Selena and Justin alone they are happy together maybe not forever but at least they trying to have a good life ..NOT LIKE U HATERS ....if you did not like them u would not be worried about them

  • Ariela

    Wonder what she got.And what type car.

  • Ariela

    Didn't they break up? Did they back together?

  • justaguy

    After she pumps her gas, she can pump my c**k

  • wen

    shes old

  • Eli

    She looks sooo old

  • Tesher

    oh wow!!! she's talking on the phone while she fills her car up with gas..... is the car engine on too???

  • chloe

    ppl, you know not to be on the phone while pumping gas right?!

  • Jon

    It's not the gasoline itself that's the risk, it's the gasoline vapors that are EXPLOSIVE!! And any small bit of electricity, whether it be static electricity from the phone, her clothes, hair, or even getting in/out of the vehicle that can cause a very real fire!! Duh...those warnings aren't there because people like to look at the pretty stickers, they're there to warn of DANGER!!

  • Jen

    What like....if the phone spontaneously combusts and ignites the fuel? I don't see how this is dangerous.

  • Maxien Fisher
    Maxien Fisher

    Oh dear lord! Do all Celebs think they are invicible? Using a phone whilst filling her tank? She has a deathwish.

  • elish

    u can't pump gas and be on the phone at the same time!!

  • tadchem, Richmond, VA
    tadchem, Richmond, VA

    Is this a trick camera, or is she really so scrawny that she would snap like a twig if the wind came up?

  • Cassidy

    she's trying to fix her hair