'Teen Mom 2' Leah Messer Reportedly Pregnant & Engaged -- Again!

'Teen Mom' Arrested
Jenelle Evans takes a tumble outside court in Bolivia, North Carolina.
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It looks like Teen Mom 2's Leah Messer is ready to welcome baby number three.

According to US Weekly, the 19-year-old star of MTV's hit reality show is expecting a child with (and is newly engaged to) Jeremy Calvert.

If true, this would be Leah's third child (she welcomed twins Aliannah and Aleeah in 2009) and second marriage. In April of this year, her husband of just six months, Corey Simms, filed for divorced after she cheated on him.

The source tells US:

"Leah just got engaged over the holidays and is pregnant with another child. She is so excited!" 
Statistically, about one in four teen mothers under age 18 have a second baby within two years.

'Teen Mom' Hospitalized
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  • Laura Elizabeth Payne
    Laura Elizabeth Payne

    GO Jacob! :D

  • Jacob Kessler
    Jacob Kessler

    that is such a lousy reason to decide you are not going to claim being from such a wonderful state... Yes, there is plenty of "white trash" but there is also plenty of intelligent, respectable, driven, and forthright citizens in our state. I am aged 22, M and have 3 friends with children (ages 23, 21, and 20) and all of them are very good mothers that have set great examples for their children. You are making an excuse for yourself by using one lousy example. Besides, Leah is seemingly a good mother, a lot of young moms have some turmoil before they settle down.. She is only 19, but I think she sets a good role model for her children.. YOU ARE THE REASON OUR STATE IS PATHETIC.. because you use other peoples negative attention to negatively effect you.. Leah tried to make it work with her husband, but he decided a TRUCK was more important than a new house (with a nice bathtub for her children) for his family.. But somehow it's her fault, and she makes us look like trash.. I am born and raised in Wheeling, WV (near Pittsburgh) and my father and mother have raised me up right.. My father is the Lt. Governor of the state, and he strives to make our state adapt for the future.. If you are "renouncing your citizenship" go right ahead, because you excuse is infathomable, and we don't want people like you in our beautiful state anyways... Ignorant people like you are what fume me to stoop to your level.. And piss on statistics, statistics are just polls to make people feel better about themselves, there is no REAL VALUE to them.. And a women is more succeptable to pregnancy after having given birth, maybe that is why?

  • Laura Elizabeth Payne
    Laura Elizabeth Payne

    Just because you can be closed minded and judge people does NOT mean you should. That's like saying a gay man deserves to be criticized for coming out of the closet. He doesn't have to admit to everyone he's gay, so since he does he deserves to be judged and treated poorly which is ignorant. I was speaking about CHELSEA and the episode before the most recent where she explains how hard it is to be a single mom. Next time get your facts straight. How you treat and love your husband has absolutely nothing to do with how you treat and love your children. Spending a few hours on yourself does NOT make her a bad mother. She is constantly with her children or working. She makes all of her children's doctors appointments and attends them all. She questions the doctors to make sure her children are okay. Not being a very good wife does NOT equal not being a very good mother. If that was the case my mother would be a terrible one because she didn't marry my father. She did nothing that was hypocritical. She gives her children the majority of her time, she makes sure they are in a safe, clean environment, plays with them and makes money for them. She has taken her responsibilities very seriously. They have been broken up for a good while and I am sure she did not get pregnant while she was with her husband. Even if she did that does not make her a bad mother. Again, how she treats/loves her husband does not equal how she treats/loves her children. I do not see how in any way I am a hypocrite. You are most definitely NOT a realist because if you were you would realize that a husband is completely different from a child. She does not have to be good to him in order to be good to her children. If you can talk about one doctors appointment she missed then maybe you have something to back up what you are saying but I doubt you can find ANY way to point out that she's a bad mother. You can say she's a bad wife all you want because cheating is wrong in any case. If you are unhappy with someone you should leave them before you cheat. But again that has nothing to do with her babies. Saying she's spending time cheating instead of being with her kids is basically saying that if she goes on a date with her husband and leaves her children with a babysitter she's a bad mother. Which would make half the parents in the world bad parents.

  • Realist

    Unbelievable. You mentioned the last show in one of your posts...the one were she blasts Cory for not thinking of the kids first?? Yeah, she cheated on Cory with another man and got pregnant!!! You (Laura) and Leah are both hypocrites! She not only has time away from her kids that she's seeing/sleeping with other men, she gets pregnant! Thats not good parenting in my book. She isnt able to provide for her twins...now this? She needs professional help. She CHOSE to bring her situation to TV. Being judged comes with the territory of added responsibility.

  • Laura

    I think ANYONE who is not a complete moron will look at the trials these young women go through and see it's not the life for them. They show them make their mistakes and they show how hard it is to have a child. In the last episode Chelsea described how hard it's been for her and how hard it's going to be for her friend. She explained it to her friend as well. Anyone who see's glamor in what these girls are going through is an idiot who would get pregnant regardless. Teaching young girls should start in the home any ways. My mom raised me correctly and I ALWAYS knew what road to take and have never followed a celebrity down the wrong path. So young girls getting pregnant should be first judged on themselves, then on their parents and lastly on Television. They actually should be judged by any of your eyes at all. Everyone makes mistakes and what truly matters is how you handle those mistakes.

  • Laura

    Yes, getting pregnant at 19 was very irresponsible, but how you handle your irresponsible actions is what you should be judged on. She did the very responsible thing by having the children and working on her relationship and trying to make it work with him. She happens to be a very good mother. Who are YOU to judge and say she's not ready for the next one? She takes great care of her children and loves them very much. You can see it in her eyes. She made a mistake. But she took responsibility for it and that is what truly counts. If she wasn't ready for this child either, she would do exactly what she did the first time around and MAKE it work. Good Luck to her! <3

  • justaguy

    She looks extremely hot in the pic when she's wearing clothes, but the bikini pic is kinda gross...strange

  • teamedwardfan

    she's only 19 and she's haveing a baby ? (^^^^)

  • Aly

    The show can teach young girls a LOT. It's just the stupid ones that read the tabloids about them making money and getting famous off the show that will do the same. They would fall for another trap if this one wasn't present though.

  • Wa?!

    ...she is only 19 Oh dear lord. May I say Miley Cyrus is doing MUCH better than her.

  • Jessica

    So true they try to show us something good from the show but they do totally the oposite. FAKE AS FUCK

  • Holz


  • Holz

    Stupid show stupid cast! All this girls have issues.. They're getting rich and comiting the same mistakes again. This one is 19th and preggo with a baby number 3. the other one tryed to commit suicide 3 times, the other one got arrested and went to rehab like 2 times the rest of them are spending the money getting boob jobs. Now seriously what young girls can learn from this shit? Oh America... smh

  • Patty

    She's only 19? and she is having baby #2? Can't this girl go on birth control and wait 10 more years until she will be more mature and know what she wants out of life until she gets married again? No one wants 2 divorces under their belt before they turn 20

  • tracksack

    She is the one percent making the 99% of West Virginians look like white trash. I hereby renounce my West Virginia citizenship.