10 Things to Expect From Season 5 of ‘Jersey Shore’ (PHOTOS)

The Jersey Shore boys and girls are back for season five but this time they are back to actual New Jersey. The famous GTL-ers came right from the sunny peninsula of Italy straight to the sunny beaches of Seaside Heights.

“We were in straight party mode coming from Italy and we hit the shore hard because we missed Jersey,” DJ Pauly D tells Celebuzz exclusively about season five. “With being out of the country for so long we really missed America so much.”

So what can viewers expect from this wild and crazy crew the fifth time around?  Celebuzz has the breakdown for you!

The season premieres tonight (Jan. 5) on MTV and we thought you could use some help to get a taste of what’s about to unfold — sort of the show before show, or the shirt before the shirt.

Besides the usual dancing and drinking antics expected, tonight’s episode may tug on your heartstrings a bit when Vinny Guadagnino decides to leave his roommates and head home. 

“We have been together for five seasons, we are a family for better or worse. A different side of emotions comes out in all of us when a member of our family decides to leave,” Pauly tells Celebuzz on Vinny’s departure. 

Find out season five facts and more by looking through the above gallery (Yeah Buddy!).