Celebrity Mailbag: Hilary Duff Talks Pregnancy, New Record and More (VIDEO)

We all know that Hilary Duff is expecting her first child with hubby Mike Comrie, but have you ever wondered what she'll be up to after she welcomes their first child? You're in luck!

The 24-year-old actress and singer sat down to answer some questions submitted by Celebuzz readers, and dished about a number of topics -- including the baby that she and her hubby are expecting.

Hilary answered fan questions about her pregnancy and the baby, saying that she's "super excited ... It's just girls in my family so I'm not sure what I'm going to do with a little boy, but it's exciting. I think deep down inside I kind of wanted  a little boy."

When asked about what scares her about her impending motherhood, Hilary was very candid.

"Anything that's unknown is scary to us, and I'm definitely a little afraid. It's not something you want to mess up and it's not something to take lightly. Obviously I want to be really good at it. I think it's the most important thing you'll do in your entire life, but I have a feeling Mike and I will be OK. We'll figure it out just like everyone else does."
When it comes to beauty secrets, Hilary tells our readers to drink lots of water! Also, she says to use the same products and have the same routine so you can put your skin through "boot camp."

On the TV front, Hilary dished that she loves AMC's Walking Dead saying it's "addicting," and caught up on the entire series of the Showtime's Shameless while on a flight recently. When it comes to music, Hil said she is loving Bruno Mars, Florence and the Machine in addition to being a "top 40 girl."

Want to know what else she dished about (hint, she talks about getting back into the studio!)? Check out the video above!



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    Hey Hilary love you got the idea of ​​complete answers I have a question for those who had sent the questions you you gave her all the questions also page 3 and Hilary chose which questions to answer? Or do you choose what questions you wanted of Hilary I wrote some 45 questions Hilary was not even a question of mine and I was very disappointed and cried It does not make sense out of 45 questions and not even one question I am very disappointed in those who sent questions to Hilary Hilary I adore 1 And I meet you I believe My dream that was the biggest wow Hilary love you forever Can not wait for Baby and new album


    Hilary Duff I love you forever I was crying and trembling with excitement for you Can not wait to see baby Hilary is my dream to meet you My biggest dream world I believe that to meet you Hilary I love you and can not wait for new music album Love

  • Grier

    yah yah!!!!!!!!! She wants to do movies and act again. OMGGGGG She said "children" about a few years WHoooo Hilary did CELEBUZZ miss that? she wants more kids aww;) but on tour will suck especially as a new mom lol it will wear off quick and she will want to go home.

  • rachel

    Absolute-LY parenting is the best and most important role. Loved her answer. Sweety. and boot camp for your skin <cool. Is she doing an itunes EP. Why return to music? 1 record is not a music career and she wants to be back at acting <yay!

  • Natasha